by Dominic Davi

Now a limited edition screen print:

Oh you read that right. 

To celebrate the ending of summer and the soon to come Fall (we do love that season), I am putting just about everything on sale for 50% for one week.

I’m clearing inventory so I can print up the new designs and if it’s for sale, then it is probably not getting reprinted so now is your chance to own a badass shirt!

What’s not on sale: My artwork, the Dino Gear Tee, Pentajammer, and the MONSTER tees.

What is on sale: EVERYTHING ELSE

T-shirts for as low as $7.50
Tank Tops for $5.00
Toddler Tees & Onesies for $4.00


So I’ve reached a point with THE DINOSAUR FACTORY where I realized I was ready to let go of some designs, and in fact, I needed to make the designs I make more important and valuable in some way. I’m a small company in a sea of companies and I realized the only way I can stand out is to make the designs as special to you, as they are to me.

I realized the best way to do that is by making them incredibly limited. So from now on, all designs I do will be limited edition. Some will be larger runs then others, but all will be a limited edition run.  The only design I will consistently keep available will be the main logo tee, but even that will be changed as we go along (so if you want a white ink on black tee…I’d grab one soon)

Now in order to make room for the new designs, and to sell the last of the old designs, I have sale priced a number of items that are about to go extinct.

Starting today…ALL YOUTH AND TODDLER SIZES ARE $8!   ALL ONESIES ARE $8   SELECT WOMEN TANK TOPS ARE NOW $10!!  The last of THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS Tshirt’s are now only $10.

Check out:

Get them while you can!  I’m making room for new stuff.  Most immediately the BLOOD OCTOPUS V-neck Tee and Hoodie for the ladies as well as the last of the MONSTER series!

Meanwhile, while all that is going on you might notice some major changes to  Don’t be alarmed. I should be done with the changes by the end of the week.  There will be some new pictures and pages to look at so that will be fun.

Much much more to come….

Agent Orange/Grocery Store Rejects 2012 by Dominic Davi

It’s been a while since I have been asked to do a show poster, so I wanted to make this one fun.  I tried a different art style for this one, I hesitate to admit where, but I think it came out really good. Freehanded it and then colored it on computer.  I need to be more creative with my font work, but overall I think it’s fun and conveys the message I was going for.  The clients happy, and that makes me happy…

My latest creation! BWAHAHAAHAHA…SHE’S ALIVE!!!  SHE’S ALIVE!!!

This is my second redesign of a classic “monster” (see my CREATURE for the first), and like the previous design, has been released as a T-shirt on THE DINOSAUR FACTORY.  This was a fun one, I just tried to picture the movie if I had cast another actress in the role, points to you if you figure out who I used as inspiration.

This is to no way suggest that I find fault with Ms. Lanchester’s version. Quite the opposite. I LOVE it. She’s brilliant! This is just a…..remake?  For lack of a better term. Hope you get a kick out of it.

By Dominic Davi  2011