Photo by Dominic Davi
Models: Cristina Caviglia & Olivia Dantes
MUAH: Cristina Caviglia & Olivia Dantes

I’m going to be talking!  To people! Telling stories!  Woo!

Hellbunny by Dominic Davi

Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Shotzi Blakk Heartt
MUAH: Shotzi Blakk Heartt


Olivia Dantes.

Hey! I took this! =)

Hey all!

If you could take a moment to vote on my Dark Crystal Tee submission for, I’d really appreciate it.  Just a fun little design…I didn’t have time to really think it out…just drew up something fun. Hope you get a kick out of it.  Please vote if you have time (No registering or anything….just click a number rating (hint hint…I’d love a 5 vote!) Thanks in advance!

Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Cristina Caviglia
MUAH: Cristina Caviglia

"The Killer"
Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Anitra Zobeck
MUAH: Anitra Zobeck

Wonder Woman (2013)
by Dominic Davi

Kung Fu Records is also selling The Vandals “Paul Williams” Tee I designed! I love this one. Points if you know why it’s called the “Paul Williams” Tee! (this is me modeling by the way…snazzy right?)

You can pick it up here:

Kung Fu Records is also selling the limited edition “Punk Rock Nutcracker Tee” I designed a few years ago! Just in time for the Winter Formals! 

Pick up yours here:

This mornings warm up sketch of Wonder Woman. Always wanted to see her look more like a traditional Greek warrior. Then I saw cosplayer Meagan Marie’s ( version and I was inspired by it. I won’t apologize for how many of these sketches end up on my feed.

Digitally inking a poster since something (*cough*inktober*cough*) killed my real pens. Just a teaser…full poster soon!

#inktober 31: Sam! My final inktober sketch! Thanks to everyone for their feedback and patience. This was fun and I think it helped me a lot!

Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Jenna G 
MUAH: Jenna G

Another shot from my “Nancy Drew” shoot with the lovely Jenna G. I still can’t believe how perfect this shoot ended up being!