I have been a huge fan of the art Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr for a while now. So to have them both on a book is pretty exciting. I too am a fan of the new design…so here is a quick sketch of her just kind of hanging out. Thinking about what’s next. 

Already pre-ordered my copy of #35 guys! Can’t wait. 

Extremely excited to be able to finally show off the book cover I designed for author Jason Shprintz’s new novel “The Reverie”! It’s a fantastic read, and will be available everywhere June 16th!

Harley Quinn!
by Dominic Davi

Recently I haven,t posted much art, and honestly my design work has been consuming a lot of my time. Olivia said I should post more “progress” updates. I’m currently inking a pencil drawing of Lara El, the daughter of Superman & Wonder Woman from “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” by Frank Miller. I’m a sucker for obscure characters!

Dominic Davi was introduced to punk rock over twenty years ago at the Phoenix Theater and he has returned to the building as a guest on Onstage with Jim and Tom. Dominic founded Tsunami Bomb and Love Equals Death. We talk about the rise and fall of these bands, his time in Headboard, his current projects, infamy and his side of the story.

Photo by Dominic Davi
Models: Cristina Caviglia & Olivia Dantes
MUAH: Cristina Caviglia & Olivia Dantes

I’m going to be talking!  To people! Telling stories!  Woo!

Hellbunny by Dominic Davi

Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Shotzi Blakk Heartt
MUAH: Shotzi Blakk Heartt


Olivia Dantes.

Hey! I took this! =)

Hey all!

If you could take a moment to vote on my Dark Crystal Tee submission for Threadless.com, I’d really appreciate it.  Just a fun little design…I didn’t have time to really think it out…just drew up something fun. Hope you get a kick out of it.  Please vote if you have time (No registering or anything….just click a number rating (hint hint…I’d love a 5 vote!) Thanks in advance! 


Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Cristina Caviglia
MUAH: Cristina Caviglia

"The Killer"
Photo by Dominic Davi & The Dinosaur Factory
Model: Anitra Zobeck
MUAH: Anitra Zobeck

Wonder Woman (2013)
by Dominic Davi

Kung Fu Records is also selling The Vandals “Paul Williams” Tee I designed! I love this one. Points if you know why it’s called the “Paul Williams” Tee! (this is me modeling by the way…snazzy right?)

You can pick it up here: